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Onyx and Green

Newspaper Satchel

Newspaper Satchel

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We LOVE these bags from Onyx and Green. When we heard "newspaper bags" we imagined something like what you'd get in the supermarket, not this!

Onyx and Green tells us these bags are made from a variety of recycled newspaper (though they look more like magazines), ramie, and jute plant blends. The colorful body is made from a weave of paper strips that has been treated to make it sturdier, but this bag is not water resistant. (We picked at the strips enough to prove they didn't tear easily and a little water on the surface does bead up, but it will not hold up to larger amounts of water.) The rest is a blue-grey canvas-like fabric, nylon zippers, and shiny metal hardware.

This satchel measures about 9 1/2" square when empty, but seems deceptively large inside. The removable strap adjusts with a buckle and is about 4-feet long, give or take a couple of inches. The buckling straps on the front flap have hidden magnetic closures and a zipper beneath for security. The fully-lined interior has two cell phone-sized pockets in the front, a padded center divider with a Velcroed elastic strap for a small tablet, and a zippered pocket in the rear.

The fully-lined interior measures about 12" wide by 16" tall. It has two pockets on the front, appropriate for your phone or wallet, and a zippered pocket on the back. A padded center divider with a Velcroed elastic strap makes this bag perfect for your tablet or small laptop (up to 9" wide and 10" tall, though it can accommodate taller if you don't use the elastic strap).Made in China.

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