Store Info

REPURPOSED is located at 353 Commercial Street in Provincetown, across from the Provincetown Public Library. We are wrapping up our first summer season, having opened on March 14, 2022.

The last day for our 2022 season will be Halloween, this coming Monday, October 31, 2022. Until then, we are open every day from 11:00-ish to 5:00-ish. We are busy at work prepping the online store, which we hope to open in the next few weeks. If you'd like to know when that happens, please signup for our emails.

We carry products from artists and other creative folk as near as Provincetown and from as far away as Europe, Asia, and Africa—wherever we can find unique, quality repurposed products.


Items throughout the store with our GIVE TEN logo on the tag are made in Provincetown using materials sourced from our community. When these items are sold, we give 10% of the sale price back in the form of a donation to a local nonprofit. So far this year we have made donations to the Carrie A. Seaman Animal Shelter, Helping Our Women, and the Lower Cape Ambulance Association.

About the Mash-Ups

Yep, even our music is REPURPOSED!

The mash-ups we play in our store were all created by Shahar Varshal, who describes himself as a "DJ mashup artist... just for fun."

Shahar seamlessly blends music that you would not think would work together and creates pieces that appeal to all ages. And in case blending different audio isn't enough, he often creates videos of his mash-ups which can be found on YouTube.

You can follow Shahar, download his stuff, or see his videos using the links below:

You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble, using the form on this page, or by mailing to Repurposed, PO Box 709, Provincetown, MA 02657.