About Us

Originally conceived as a gallery for local artists who work with found materials and artisans talented in the art of “upcycling,” we have expanded this vision to include a curated selection of complementary products. REPURPOSED features gifts, housewares, and accessories created from items that might otherwise take up space in a landfill. Thanks to our creators, things like moth-eaten sweaters, empty wine bottles (and their corks), scratched and unplayable records, old vinyl billboards, and outdated computer parts get a second chance.

Rather than just being made with recycled materials, each REPURPOSED product retains some of the character of its progenitor pieces. We know there are companies doing noteworthy work with reclaimed plastics or wool or wood, and we wholeheartedly support such eco-friendly manufacturing, but we want our customers to see not only the piece they’re taking home, but also the objects that were given a new life because of its creation.

There is no better location for this project than Provincetown. In addition to being home to a diverse, open-minded, and affluent year-round and summer population, this town cares about creativity and sustainability. Once established, we plan to source raw materials from the residents of our town, with a portion of the proceeds from resulting products going back to the community. This is our home and we intend for REPURPOSED to be open year-round, rather than seasonally.

You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble, using the form on this page, or by sending mail to Repurposed, 350 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.