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Seat Belt Belt

Seat Belt Belt

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The Miranda Belt from U.S.E.D. has been a hugely popular item during our inaugural year, so they're always on our list when we place an order. We were just notified, though, that the last four we have at Repurposed are likely the last four we'll ever get!

It's been getting harder to get the buckles necessary for making the Miranda, as well as many of U.S.E.D.'s bags which use the buckle as a closure. As a result, the company has made the difficult decision to stop selling the Miranda Belt as part of their wholesale line. Barring the discovery of a secret stash of old automobile seatbelts, Repurposed will never have more.

We see an opportunity! Not to make sales, but to test the functionality of this web store we're building and give the Repurposed Followers a sneak peek at what's to come. (OK, and to make a few sales.) If you've looked at the belt in the store, you may notice that the price online is just a bit higher. We're doing that to help mitigate the cost of shipping. (All orders will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail.)

As we post this, we have four belts. These are not available in the store, and only those of you who signed up for our email list have been notified about them being online. When we sell a belt, its button should immediately disappear from the website. Should. (We mentioned this is a test, right?)

About the belts

All four belts are identical in length, have a buckle with the GM logo on the button, and have the U.S.E.D logo embroidered on the end nearest the buckle. They are VERY adjustable and one size fits most.

Belt 1 is the most different from the others. It's tan/beige with a similarly-colored plastic buckle cover.

Belt 2 has a dark gray/black (depending on the light) belt and buckle.

Belt 3 SOLD

Belt 4 SOLD

Please note that the belt is not yours until you have completed the checkout process. The Repurposed email list is very small at this point and we hope there won't be situations where two people try to buy the same belt at the same time, but we don't want anyone getting frustrated.

If you have any difficulty or want to leave a comment about the design of the website, you can click the little chat bubble in the lower right.

A free gift for everyone!

If you didn't have a chance to get one of the belts or simply don't want one, fret not! We have something for you, too. Get a $5 Off Discount Code for FREE! Customers who purchase one of the belts will receive a code automatically and do not need to "purchase" one separately.

This item is one of a kind. You are purchasing the exact item shown in the images.

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