Why we created the PRC

More and more often, we're hearing things like:

"My sister insisted I had to go to Repurposed when I visit Ptown."
"My friend said I would love your store."
"My granddaughter told me you have exactly the gift I'm looking for, and she was right!"

We heard all of the above recently—and we are so grateful to that sister, that friend, and that granddaughter.

You—those of you who shop with us and provided your email addresses—are our most loyal fans. We believe you're more essential to Repurposed's growth than search engines, print advertising, or any other promotional method. I mean, who are you going to trust more: Google or your grandchild?

You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble, using the form on this page, or by sending mail to Repurposed, 350 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.