Personal Referral Code

Each customer at has Personal Referral Code. You can use it to give a discount to your friends and earn rewards for yourself. Yours will appear on various documents from us and on your Account page here at

Why we created the PRC:

More and more often, we're hearing things like:

"My sister insisted I had to go to Repurposed when I visit Ptown."
"My friend said I would love your store."
"My granddaughter told me you have exactly the gift I'm looking for, and she was right!"

We heard all of the above recently—and we are so grateful to that sister, that friend, and that granddaughter.

You—those of you who shop with us and provided your email addresses—are our most loyal fans. We believe you're more essential to Repurposed's growth than search engines, print advertising, or any other promotional method. I mean, who are you going to trust more: Google or your grandchild?

How does it work?

Keep doing that you're doing! Tell friends about Repurposed. We'll give them a discount and you a five dollar thank you.

  1. Give your PRC to as many people as you like.
  2. Each time someone uses it for their first purchase at they get 10% off any purchase of $60 or more.
  3. The following month, you will get a code worth $5 off for each person who used your code the previous month.

There is no limit to how much you can get off. Refer one friend and we'll give you $5 off. Refer three friends and you get $15 off. Refer 116 friends and we'll have to buy a calculator, but we will give you that much off when we figure out how much it is!*

Your PRC works only online at It is not valid in-store. One use per customer. Void where prohibited. Blah, blah, blah. Your PRC, a personal URL you can share, all of the details, and the legalese can always be found in Your Account at our website.

*116 times $5 equals $580—and yes, we will seriously give you a code worth that much.

Wow, you read all of that?!

One final note, to see how many of you read this far down: Your code can be used repeatedly, but our system will let each customer use only one PRC and only one time. As soon as you use one, it locks you out from using one ever again. Assuming you haven't already used one, the next time you shop online at, you can use your own PRC. You'll get 10% off that purchase and, the following month, a discount code worth $5 off a second purchase.


You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble, using the form on this page, or by sending mail to Repurposed, 350 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.